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Q. Why install blinds or films?
A. Solar blinds or films dramatically reduce harmful U.V. rays, save energy and reduce heat in the hot summer months.
Q. How much U.V. protection do blinds or films provide?
A. Solar blinds reject as much as 99%, Solar films filter up to 99.5% of harmful ultraviolet rays.
Q. What are the benefits of reduced U.V. rays in a home?
A. Ultraviolet rays dramatically fade carpets, drapes and fabrics, as well as being harmful to wood.
Q. How much cooler will the internal temperature of my property be with solar blinds?
A. During summer, solar blinds can reduce heat gain through windows by as much as 80% & reduce glare by up to 97%
Q. Do films have any other benefits?
A. Yes, SolScreen safety films render normal glass shatter-resistant, much like safety glass.
Q. Do you offer blinds and films for increased privacy?
A. Yes we offer "one way mirrored", opaque, frosted and blackened to name a few, providing you with greater privacy.

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