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Our latest solar innovation - Solar Reflective BlindsSolar Blinds - Keep Cool And Shady


Solar Control Blinds

Our unique range of fully encased roller blinds look great with today’s modern décor, we also supply and fit vertical blinds.

The fabrics used are designed primarily to provide protection against the build up of solar heat and reduce solar glare. Some of our blinds can reject as much as 92% of solar heat and can reduce glare by up to 97% with a U.V. radiation protection of 99%.

The secondary performance characteristic of our blinds is to reduce the amount of transmitted sunlight, therefore providing protection for items such as fabrics and painted materials to reduce the fading and prolong their lifespan.

Our range of film blinds offer a further performance characteristic which works in the same way as privacy window films, by acting as daylight “one way mirror” blinds.

Cooler in the summer - Warmer in the winter

All works guaranteed.


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