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Solar Control Films

Introducing Ultra Vision:

High-end, spectrally selective.
• Elegant, barely visible appearance.
• Extremely low interior and exterior Reflectivity.
• Great solar heat and UV rejection.
• Fade and corrosion resistant.
• Exclusive Manufacturer’s Warranty.

A super window film for business premises or residential, and provides excellent heat rejection in hot weather whilst still allowing you to enjoy your view and maximise the natural light. Ultra Vision™ protects expensive interior furnishings from fading and discolouration and by reducing virtually all the UV radiation, it will also minimise premature skin ageing and offer a welcome protection to those sensitive to UV light.

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Solar Control Films

With our range of reflective and tinted films, you can reduce solar heat gain by up to 80% and also reduce annoying glare reflecting from buildings, terraces or swimming pools.

U.V. Protection System

Clear or tinted U.V. filter films block out up to 99.5% of harmful ultraviolet rays. These protective films will help eliminate fade damage dramatically, hence prolonging the life to carpets, drapes and fabrics.

Also, furniture and woods will retain their original lustre and beauty.

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All works guaranteed.


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